About Me


Space... The final frontier... Or so they say. But to me space is the doorway to a universe of wonders.

That sense of exploration and joy is what draws me to acting (or as I prefer to say, playing in the booth). Having the opportunity to bring people's visions to life and impart a piece of my soul into each character is a passion unlike any other.

Because in the end stories are so important to all of us, they can transport us to other worlds, inspire us to the stars and beyond, and even make us feel powerful emotions to the point of changing our worldviews.

My signature voice has been described as sophisticated, trustworthy and compassionate but like a meteorite I can come crashing into an impact crater leaving them breathless, or floating through the serene nebula of my voice I blanket and soothe, or like a shooting star I stir up excitement and get people talking. Variety is the spice of life, and who knows what exciting flavours space holds?

As an alumnus of Eliza Jane Schneider's Character Acting Program and Rachael Naylor's Accelerator program, my willingness and capacity to learn and improve are limitless like the void of space. And so I continue my training to keep on top of my vocal health as well as learn new styles and keep up with the direction the industry is headed.

The vast emptiness out there can be daunting and scary, but to me it just means there's more room to fill with fun and joy. So strap into your rocket ships and let's go on an adventure of a lifetime!